Dietitian Bringing Organic Vegan Protein Powder Into Hong Kong – All Natural With Zero Additives

Somehow, I have embarked on a journey to create a vegan product. In the past, so many of you have asked me which brand of protein powder I was supplementing with. I never really knew how to answer that properly. As many protein powder products on the market often contain additives & emulsifiers, sweeteners, artificial flavors, the protein powder I have been taking was indeed self-formulated and it was not available in Hong Kong. I was blessed to have a chance to connect with a manufacturing plant in Canada and they were able to scale up and hence mass produce this protein powder. This has allowed me to bring my product to Hong Kong! I name my brand “Simply Zero”, hoping to follow thru my EatClean concept I’ve been living by, creating natural food products with zero additives and simple ingredients from a trusted source. Simply Zero vegan protein powder is certified organic and made in Canada.

Hong Kong dietitian Gloria Tsang's protein powder

As a vegetarian and a dietitian myself, I formulated the Simply Zero protein powder with two plant sources: pea protein and brown rice protein. Technically, pea protein itself contains all 9 essential amino acids. However, one of the amino acids – methionine – is rather low. So, I chose to supplement it with a higher-methionine source (brown rice protein) to ensure the formula can provide a complete protein, hence appropriate for vegans as well as people with an active lifestyle like athletes and body builders.

全天然無添加蛋白粉 All Natural Unsweetened Protein Powder
All Natural Unsweetened Organic Vegan Protein Powder

As this protein powder is unsweetened and has no artificial sweeteners, it can be added in smoothies, soups, baked goods, pancakes, waffles, desserts and more. One scoop of Simply Zero Organic Protein Powder provides 16 grams of protein and 5 mg of iron. I’d love to share a pancake recipe made with my protein powder. You can pre-cook a batch and freeze the extras; simply reheat them in your toaster for a morning breakfast.


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For more recipes such as pancakes, waffles, nice cream and more made with Simply Zero protein, check out our IGTV videos. Simply Zero is available in major Hong Kong health food stores. Online purchase with free HK shipping can be made at

Retail stores wishing to bring in Simply Zero products can contact wholesaler: [email protected]


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